Gaia Gathering is fast approaching and I am approaching this with some trepidation and with some excitement – excitement for the most part.

The trepidation comes from the fact that I will be travelling alone. This will be a test for me, for when I have to travel to Lithuania this coming August to host the LBW. I have never travelled alone – as in all my previous trips I’ve been either with my parents or my ex-boyfriend. There’s something very re-assuring about having someone to rely on when on a plane – a soft & squishy tummy to sprawl across and someone to talk to. Unless I’m really lucky, I believe my trip to Lithuania via Helsinki will be a silent one.

While in Helsinki I will have 5 hours to ponder the state of my toes. I’m hoping they have some sort of sauna or spa at the airport that I can take advantage of – so that I can waste those bleeping 5 hours.

Anywho, back to Gaia Gathering. I think we will have a very good turnout, with a myriad of topics to discuss. I believe I’m on the panel/roundtable discuss chaired by cailleachsidhe on Modern Druidry. I am chairing a discussion on “Pagan Professionals” – why there seems to be a dearth of professionals within the neo-pagan community. Could there be something endemic to neo-paganism that causes us, for the most part, to be highly educated but under-utilise our skills? It’s a very interesting topic to discuss, but it needs to be done delicately and with great tact…skills I must work on.

On Friday, yesterday, I had to cover for my Manager (who is busily sunning herself in Cuba) in presenting the Corporate Policy on Meals, Travel & Entertainment Reimbursements (i.e. employee expense reports). I had my PowerPoint slides ready and everything. I’ve done presentations before, but never within a business context – usually on something like the Baltic Folkloric Calendar, Deities of the Balts and other funny and esoteric subjects.

I had to explain to this group of new employees that *I* am the one who will reject an expense report if filled out incorrectly. That they cannot rent movies through their hotel rooms and expect the company to pay…and the kicker (which I found amusing) when travelling on company business, the flights have to be at the convenience of the company, not the employee. It’s part of the Corporate Policies – which no one reads on the Intranet site for the company.

I think I did well with the presentation. There were just some funny questions like, can they rent a Miata or a Hummer.. I said they could, but the company isn’t paying for it.

Sometimes there are pluses and minuses to working in Finance. In this case it was a plus as the HR Coordinator who was running the session introduced me as the Individual who can answer all their questions on the Esoteric Nature of Finance.