Well, I spent a few hours yesterday (Saturday) at my parents’ place doing their taxes. I have to admit, I’ve done a complete cop-out and bought myself a Tax Preparation Software package. I still don’t like QuickTax completely, as it isn’t intuitive enough for my tastes. There where still elements in which I knew of some tax loophole but the programme didn’t – so there was still a small amount of manual calculation & and the forcing of some tax credits through.

Then it was a quick dash for dinner before attending the Uptown Coffee Moot where this month’s topic of discussion was about the media portrayal of witches – Practical Magic, The Wickerman (I just love that movie), The Craft, Charmed, Buffy and so forth. It was a small gathering as it was a bit nippy last night and I think some of the others didn’t want to freeze their fingertips coming out.

Today is my Equinox Rit. I’ve tried to advertise it on the various mailing lists, so see how much of a response I get. Toronto is still very much “Wicca Land” and I am feeling more and more disheartened about the General Pagan Population (atleast in Toronto). I’m hoping to form a study group, and thankfully I’ve gotten some positive responses on that. But try and advertise that you are holding a publicly accessible Druid Ritual and people won’t come – maybe I should just give up and go solitary.

Other than that, I have spent this morning watching “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” – it is still very much a comedic classic, and it is great fun watching it and listening to the very erudite dialogue. It’s very clever, and yes there are elements of Benny Hill “titty” comedy, but the topics they bring forth are very thought prevoking.

Before tonight’s rit I’m hoping to convince tarotcub (with the very flexible rubber arm) to do Korean Barbeque with me – at Grill Time. I think I can convince him. I need some meat… ooo meat.