But I am definately getting together with some friends tonight. We three are refugees from the Sears Canada Finance Department – we felt underused and undervalued. Plus, we were surrounded by “stupid monkeys” who’s main priorities in life were to develop their “emotional intelligence”.

My attitude to this? We’re accountants – as long as we’re fairly sociable, does it really matter if we are emotionally intelligent? My role in any company is to produce financial reporting as accurately as possible, not to massage egos. HR can do the massaging of the hurt egos.

Do I sound cruel? Dismissive of HR? From my perspective, if the HR department can ensure that I get paid on time, administer my benefits and do general work with regards to the general well being of myself and my fellow colleagues, then I am content. Does HR need to spend resources on maintaining an “Innovation Team” to get us excited about Innovating for the company? I don’t think so. As with other departments (and I think it’s my cheap-ass accountant side coming out here) if there is no “value for money” nor any significant “added value” I consider it a waste of resources.

Anywho, I’m getting together with these friends – FussPost and Midget. I am knicknamed “Devil”…. though Midget calls me “Minion”. We are quite the trio when we get together – a South African, a South Asian (Hindu) and myself, a Caucasian woman following a non-traditional spiritual path. FussPot is a ACCA, Midget is a CA and I am a CGA candidate. Quite the spectrum there, I believe.

You may wonder why “Devil”? I have this tendancy of figuring out other people’s food addictions and teasing them about it. For FussPot it’s chocolate covered almonds.. which I plied quite mercilessly while at Sears. Another weakness FussPot share with my other friends is her love of my Fruit Cake. I am addicted to Delia Smith recipes, and I poached one a few years ago – fruit that gets steeped in booze for several weeks (I do a year) and then mix into a cake batter who’s sole purpose is to keep the fruit together, and nothing else.

I love my fruitcake 🙂