I’m sitting at my desk at work currently, and wondering if “it’s all really worth it”. It’s an icky day today and somehow I feel the compulsion to burrow under my pillows, listen to some JS Bach and watch the little spits of rain hit my bedroom window.

I had a good day yesterday – had lunch with my mother at Swiss Chalet. We forgot that there was a Santa Claus Parade, so trying to get into the Swiss Chalet on Bloor West near the now demolished Varsity Stadium was quite the accomplishment. Had to push past a whole herd of baby carriages, and smokers.

On the way home I was on the streetcar and there were easily 5 baby carriages on the streetcar. I swear there’s some sort of herd mentality when it comes to baby carriages/strollers. They were all grouped together near the front of the streetcar. It was like running an obstacle course, trying to get past the herd and to the rear of the streetcar.

I am a huge proponent of charging fares for baby carriages/strollers. They usually take up more room than an adult – and have you seen the size of those things? They have the carrying capacity of a small wagon. The child, inevitably, is squished to one side while the rest of the carriage is full of pop, juice, food for the parents, magazines, books, coffee cups – what have you.

Getting back to work – I feel “blah”. Though I have girded my loins and have decided to accomplish what I had set out to accomplish this morning – complete my G/L reconciliations, train up a co-worker on Commodity Tax calculation, and hopefully hit the gym in the evening before dinner.